A Strange World is Afoot Here Already
Ana Chaduneli - A Strange World is Afoot Here Already

A Strange world is afoot here already
group show curated by Ana Chaduneli and Ana Jikia
Tbilisi, Georgia

Belonging to the state of hibernation. Getting restored and vitalized in vulnerable sleep. Thin fog of dreams softly floating on top of your breath. Dreams are at work. Introducing you magical realms, extensions of your strength and existence. Nothing can intervene. Your sleep is protected by frost, that has surrounded your house.

You are restoring blisses, in hibernation.

Each of the artists capturing their personal story, capturing particular feeling of a place where one can become part of the imaginary micro space.The works create small cave where viewer is invited in winter tale, of the winter dream Created by artists. We have idea to create feeling that you are component of something unimaginable, humbling and mysterious.